So many times we have good intentions about our new year’s resolutions and we are fired up to begin them on January 1st! But the truth is before January is even over, we have stopped for one reason or another. Let’s NOT let it happen this year! New habits take time and energy. This really is an investment. Your behaviour won’t change over-night. It’s a slow and progressive process. It is said that a for a habit to be formed and for it to become almost natural, it takes 21 to 30 days and in that time, the behaviour we want to turn into a habit should be part of our daily routine! Not to worry this is truly the way we make our resolutions stick and provides us with the best opportunity for our resolutions to be a lifestyle and a sustainable change.

Without further ado, here are some more tips and tricks to making these resolutions sustainable for a lifestyle change. Because we are human, we are going to be challenged and we will slip up in our resolutions so here are some ways to not let those one-off days break us!

When you are struggling to stick to the new years goals that were a basis for the formation of your resolution consider these items:

1.       REFLECT:

Did you pick the right goal?

Did you create a plan?

Do you have a support system?

Why do you think the plan isn’t working?

What is in your way?

Did you truly create a SMART goal/resolution?

Once you have that down, you can course correct. Maybe you need to change your resolution and make it more reasonable. Refer back to my last blog for help on this. It is important to reflect very honestly and sincerely. A tweaked goal doesn’t mean a failed goal.


Give your friend or family member $100 that you can’t get back until you are able to reach your goal and or keep your resolution for X amount of time. This can push you further and increase your commitment and accountability towards your goal.


You MUST surround yourself with supportive people and community. This is both those in real life and those on social media. Do not underestimate the rolling news feed on your social media platforms. Ask yourself: Are those people and connections promoting and providing encouragement and positivity or are they pulling you down and making you feel negative, inadequate and uninspired?


Okay, so this day or the past few didn’t go as planned. No problem! Tomorrow is a new day! You are going to have hard times and you will slip up, so always remember tomorrow is a new day to do more and to do better. Again – this is a journey, not a race and definitely not short term.


Change is hard! Don’t compare yourself to others. Give yourself grace. This is YOUR journey! Don’t look at one day or a few days. Look at the past week or the past few weeks and see all that you have accomplished!


Hear me out… have a plan to overcome the hurdles. Again, these are to be expected. So, when you have an exceptionally challenging time, look into what and who your reinforcers are to get you back on track. See if you need to take a break, slow down, cut back or change your pace. Do you need a pep talk? How can you regain energy and inspiration? There is always a silver lining in our challenges, and it is through these that we learn more about ourselves.


These can help push you to the next level! If you are adding more activity as a resolution maybe you can reward yourself with a massage or spa day. Whatever it is that will motivate you to the next level!


Why do you have this goal?

Why should this be your goal?

Ask yourself what makes you successful and what works for you as you evaluate what doesn’t. Answering these questions ahead of time will allow you to foresee challenges and hurdles and allow you to overcome easier or completely surpass the hurdle altogether.

I hope these tips push you towards success. Remember that you are more powerful than you think! Don’t underestimate your abilities both physically and mentally. Remember that sometimes your biggest barrier and challenge is yourself. Be your best advocate and cheerleader!

Cheers to 2021!!


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