Hi All,

My name is Ashley, aka the nutritionist at Fettle! I am so excited about being able to be a part of your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Now, I know there are so many nutritionists around the world and I want to take time to share with you my philosophy of food, nutrition and my passion as a registered dietitian nutritionist, so you can get to know me better.

#1 FOOD should NOT be stressful! It should be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, completely lacking in guilt.

#2 ALL Foods FIT… you heard that right, ALLLLLLL foods fit in proper portion and moderation, but let’s be real, even moderation needs to be in moderation! 😉 This is very important to me. Do not be surprised to find me enjoying a fabulously indulgent dinner on the town at a new trendy restaurant with a glass or two of wine. We cannot ignore the meaning of food in our lives and the pleasure and experience we derive from it. I encourage you all to strive for a genuinely healthy relationship with food. Guilt and shame are truly the worst dinner dates.

#3 In most cases, there is no need to calculate our calories and measure every. single. thing. we put into our mouths throughout the day.  That becomes too cumbersome and stressful; not to mention time consuming.  Should we be mindfully and intuitively aware of out bodies and what we are eating, absolutely; BUT what we consume should not be confused with a mathematical equation. I want to empower you all by learning proper portions and what a balanced meal and day look like that is appropriate for you as an individual to achieve you goals- all while learning to listen to your body. 

#4 Eating more plants is imperative! I will ALWAYS push more produce in our diets as fruits and vegetables are LOADED with nutrients that are vital for our bodies be able to function optimally. How can we expect our bodies to do what we want them to do if we are not giving them the appropriate fuel? Does this mean I don’t eat meat? Of course not, there is a place for meat on our plates and that is right next to a mound of produce 😉 It’s amazing the power of food when we combine the different food groups in a thoughtful way and learn how they are able to work synergistically to provide enhanced nutrition benefits. For example, did you know that when we eat a food, such a fish, that is rich in selenium,  and we pair it with a food rich in Vitamin K, such as sukuma wiki, you are enhancing the antioxidant properties of selenium! How cool is that?!

#5 Food FIRST. Our bodies are meant to consume nutritious food each and every day in order to derive all the nutrients from an effective metabolism and efficient digestive system, as that is how our body is truly meant to get its nutrition- not supplements. Supplements are there when we are unable to get the nutrients from food due to health conditions or allergies; otherwise FOOD FIRST folks!

I believe in an individualized approach that is part of a sustainable lifestyle, free of fad diets and no quick fixes here! If it is too good to be true- IT IS! Be assured everything I recommend is based on science as that is the only way to ensure and provide proof of efficacy when it comes to health and wellness recommendations.

Once we live out a generally healthy lifestyle filled with nutritious food (most of the time), lots of produce, that includes a positive relationship with all food and incorporates daily movement, proper hydration, stress management and fulfilling social relationships with a sustainable approach for the long term, you will feel and see so many positive “side effects.” Weight loss is not the only “side effect.” Please note that thinness isn’t synonymous for healthy as so many of us assume. We must incorporate all aspects of wellness to truly feel and be our best and I would love to walk this journey with YOU!

Check out the nutritionist page for my information about me and schedule an individualized consult by clicking HERE

Cheers to the good life!


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