So…. SNACKS! We couldn’t have a month dedicated to kids without discussing SNACKS! As parents, I feel like this is one of the words we hear most from of all of our kids of ALL ages and it seems to be one of the first words our babies say! My 2-year-old currently says, “Mom, can I have a ‘nack?” literally ALL the time!

How often should we provide snacks?

Ideally, as parents, we should be providing a snack between breakfast and lunch (mid-morning snack), between lunch and supper (afternoon snack) and then before bed (bedtime snack), depending on how late your dinner meal is. I know here in Kenya, many of us eat later and our kiddos go to bed quite early, so there is usuall no time for a bedtime snack, which is okay.

What should a snack consist of?

A snack should consist of at least 2 food groups. Ideally it would be a complex carbohydrate and protein and/or healthy fat. Remember a snack is a “snack,” not a “meal” and not a “meal substitute.” Thus, its important to offer regular meals and snacks to encourage and keep our children on healthy eating patterns to be able to get optimal nutrition each and every day! AND remember those divisions of responsibility in my first blog this month. (CLICK HERE) for a quick refresher.

Examples of kid friendly complex carbohydrates include:

Whole grain crackers/biscuits

Whole grain bread

Whole grain cereal – no sugar added

Whole grain tortilla chips



Granola- no sugar added

Beanito chips found at HealthyU

Beanfield chips found at HealthyU

Homemade popcorn made with canola oil

Fruits – fresh, frozen, dried

Snap peas

Examples of kid friendly proteins:

Yogurt- Laki Laki (no added sugar)


Real block cheese- no processed cheese, string cheese is great option and fun for kids


Nut butters, i.e peanut butter, almond butter


Hard boiled eggs

Examples of kid friendly healthy fats:


Nut butters, i.e peanut butter, almond butter


Hard boiled eggs

*Yes some of these foods fit into two categories

What are some healthy snack options?

Whole grain grilled cheese apple skewers

Energy bites

Fruits kabobs with a cinnamon Greek yogurt dip

“Ants on a log”

Healthy chips (see above) and salsa/guacamole

Whole grain crackers and hummus with fresh veggies

Snap peas and hummus

Homemade smoothie pop

1 cup of a homemade smoothie

Whole grain peanut butter sandwich with bananas inside

Apple peanut butter whole wheat wrap

Apples and nut butter

Trail mix- nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate

A fruit and a handful of nuts

Whole grain cereal with milk

Homemade Popcorn

Yogurt and granola with a fruit

Whole grain crackers and string cheese

A fruit and string cheese

Whole grain chips and salsa and guacamole

whole grain muffin and fruit

grapes and fresh mozzarella pearls

For Recipe snack ideas for your little ones, be sure to reach out to us.

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