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Ashley Kibutha, RD, LD

Ashley Kibutha, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian - Consultant

Ashley is an award winning, registered dietitian with nearly 10 years of experience and a demonstrated history of working in the supermarket industry with retail partners. She is skilled in weight loss coaching, chronic disease prevention and management, allergies and general nutrition with proven expertise in nutrition programing, recipe creation and execution, corporate wellness, staff management and strategic planning.

She became the first Supermarket Dietitian for Coborn’s Grocery Stores, a supermarket chain with 125 locations throughout the Midwest, where she led innovations alongside the directors and collaborations in creating and managing the Dietitian’s Choice and Food Facts shelf tag program. She played an active role in a variety of health initiatives throughout Central Minnesota leading to a 28% decrease in BMI of preteens in central MN.

She is currently pursuing her career as a Registered Dietitian consultant in Kenya.

Brenda Njogo

Brenda Njogo

Certified Personal trainer & Nutritionist by the International Sports Science Association

For years I felt like I disliked my body. I experienced crazy weight fluctuations coupled with long bouts of low self-esteem. I beat myself up for falling off track. I tried a couple of diets and workout programs with the hopes of losing weight fast. Instead, I ended up with hormonal imbalances, frustration and a lot of disappointment. Then I started to lift.

Lifting shifted my focus from the inches. I kept coming back, got motivated to eat well, started getting shapely and inches started coming off. I was hooked!

Now, I help women get stronger, move well, reduce their body fat and build up their confidence through lifting. Consistency beats intensity. So, show up, do the best you can and the results shall be inevitable.

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